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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wondering out loud

As China ascends amidst the dust clouds of the world's troubles today, I wonder aloud if the Chinese will slowly revert back to traditional/modern forms of Chinese dress. It could be anything from old kungfu suits, to the more recent 'nationalism' zhong shan zhuangs (see below)

Source - CCTV

As the world industrialized in the 19th, Western dress dominated along with the winds of change of power. I'm half certain the Chinese will somehow and someday revert/progress to a cuturally Chinese dress. Now I wonder if the rest of the world would to. that'll make for interesting study. I'm not the only one who thinks so. This article harking back to 2002 already reported so. Let's see.

"The popularity of Chinese-style clothing is a reflection of China's economic prosperity and a return to more traditional cultural expressions.

On the surface, the trend owes its popularity to the charm of APEC leaders donning mandarin-style jackets in their photo session, pictures which went around the world. On a deeper level, it reflects the self-confidence and pride of Chinese people in the country's political stability and economic development in recent years. Chinese-style clothing should continue to be popular for a few years to come."