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Sunday, January 25, 2009

the curious PhD

So, I've decided to pursue for my love and passion for 'rediscovering' China by way of a PhD. So that's another 3 years of study, although now I realise at this level, it's not study. It's an adventure where one separates oneself from the rest of the 'real-er' world and immerses in a reality much like seeking out a holy grail! This means having to resign from my beloved job at Republic Polytechnic. My first job, 6 years I had with them. And it's coming to an end. But well, a bright new spark awaits.

And here's my curious approach to deciding the area of research area. By way of really happening possible titles!

Here's a selection of what I've been mulling on - all related to overseas-born Chinese and their relationship with the mainland.

* The New Mandarins
* Borrowing the East Wind
* The Great Firewall

Any thoughts? I know they're really too broad for starters, but hey. A good title is a great part of the battle won!