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Sunday, November 30, 2008

'Inadequate sex' fueling crime in Guangzhou Province

Well, yes, sex sells and grabs headlines, but what is more pertinent here is the figure of migrant workers in the province of Guangdong. 30 million my friends. Numbers when it comes to China still explode in my head.

From China Daily... 29 November 2008

GUANGZHOU -- More migrant workers in Guangdong are committing crimes, especially sex offences, because of heavy workloads and inadequate sex lives, local authorities and researchers have said.

Twenty-five people were arrested this year for sex crimes, 10 of whom were migrant workers, the prosecution department of Xinhui district in Jiangmen city was reported by the Guangzhou Daily as saying on Friday.

The number of arrests is reportedly 50 percent higher than that of the previous year.

Almost 30 million migrants work in Guangdong, with 57 percent of them men, statistics from the provincial labor and social security department have shown...

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