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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Been a while

It's been a while since the last update. Much has passed since. The paper's been handed up, and I've had some good news with regards to possible further study. What's not so great is that whilst the rest of Monash university have had their results published, mine's been a very Withheld. Now let's wait and see.

In other news, my dad's recommending that I read into this chap who was interviewed on the Phoenix Channel, Kluge Prize Winner 2006 - Yu Ying-shih. I did not manage to catch the whole interview, but I caught something really pertinent.

When one tries to understand someone, one has to understand his history and what he did in his life. To expound on that, I would think that I would approach my further studies with something else, what are the things the person did not do. I begin to realise the mark of a person sometimes is not too accurately immortalized but what he was remembered as doing. I think it is both the intellect to one, not do, or the inertia or fear, to not do, that marks the lesser known boundaries of one's character.

I think of this as I emerged from a discussion with a colleague and guide at Republic Polytechnic where I *still* retain employment. The outcome of the chat was this. Sometimes doing, is the wrong thing to do. Sometimes not doing, is also the wrong thing to do. Like a shepherd with his flock of sheep. As the wolf approaches, the time comes for the rod to be raised. Without showing the wolf that the sheep are not there for its taking, what then is the shepherd for? Smile at the wolf and use the rod for a walking stick with much of his sheep lying there dead. So. it is not about what one has done, but the things that one did not do, or dare to do, that is the understanding less found.

So with this, I write.

Do, as is to be done.
do not, but not that fear halts you.
Do, but do not impose
do not, but only because what is left to be done, has already, been done.

More to come.