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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Now China wants students protected too

Living in Melbourne, I have witnessed an interesting dynamic - increasing numbers of both the Chinese mainlanders and Indians flooding the cosmopolitan state of Victoria. A reflection of the new state of people movement as two emerging superpowers find affluence to travel and experience the world, perhaps. The recent spate of trouble concerning racial attacks on Indian students have been troubling, and it looks like China wants a piece of the media attention too, by echoing fellow global superpower-to-be in demanding Australia provide better protection for their students.


China wants students protected

Source - Straits Times Online 4th June 2009

CANBERRA - CHINA'S government joined India on Thursday in demanding Australia provide better protection for foreign students after a series of violents assaults on Indian students which victims have called racist.

'There are over 130,000 Chinese students in Australia. They have on the whole had good study and living environment in Australia, but attacks on Chinese students also occurred in recent years,' a spokesman for China's embassy in Canberra told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

'It is hoped that the Australian government will provide better protection to international students from China and other countries,' the spokesman said.

Australia's government said on Wednesday racism was not behind violent attacks on Indian students, including the latest slashing of a man in Melbourne by a group of five youths.

The latest attack has redoubled fears that violent bashings and robberies of Indian students could seriously damage Australia's third-biggest export earner, the A$15 billion (S$17 billion) market for overseas students. -- REUTERS