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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yes, a long awaited update.

Finally. The Abstract.

China is on the rise, but few today would stand and be counted as its friends . Whether this is due to discontent over its checkered human rights record or envy over its much noted economic prowess, any country with the size, influence and might of China is certainly a potential threat to the status quo. Having learnt that military might and political strong-arming are relics of a bygone era, the Middle Kingdom is seeking to assure its status as the next global superpower by way of gaining global influence through soft power initiatives. Adopting benevolence and culture over wielding a club, China enters the next phase of its growth knowing full well the benefits of national image building and this starts with making friends from beyond the Great Wall. The obvious first step lies with its long-lost sons and daughters - the Overseas Chinese. This paper will discuss the successes and challenges of this foreign policy measure in Singapore - the only country where the Chinese diaspora have become the majority population and the ruling class.