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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Significant Numbers - the Opening Ceremony

100 million - $US spent on the opening and closing ceremonies by Beijing officials.

15,000 - singers, musicians, dancers and other performers used during the three-hour spectacular.

5,000 - of whom were drawn from the Chinese Liberation Army.

1 - electric fan placed in each flag pole, thus circumventing the still conditions inside the Bird's Nest.

29,000 - rounds of fireworks.

230 - Australian athletes who marched at the National Stadium from a squad of 433.

90,000 - spectators, the stadium's capacity, attended the opening of the Games.

205 - nations attending the 29th Olympic games.

08/08/08 - the date chosen for the opening ceremony. Eight is considered a lucky number to the Chinese. The production began at 8.08 pm, local time.

4 billion - viewers worldwide who took in the ceremony.

Source: The Age (date of Access 9 August 2008)