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Friday, July 18, 2008

And here's my research question off the top of my head.

The Imagination of China by overseas Chinese - The producers of Chinese culture - Did they get it wrong by over-representing just the Hans as the Chinese Identity. The Hans dominated China and of course, wrote its history. Are there dormant waves of representing China hiding under the weight of mainstream modern, possibly Communist China. The extra-sino nationalism wave - overseas chinese and chinese students overseas - using ‘culture’ as a symbol of unity.


The Hans are descendants of the Han dynasty which ran the course of 400 years (pretty respectable), considering the all-uniting Qin dynasty (responsible for the first phase of the Great Wall of China) lasted all of 20 before the Hans took over. They were ruled by the Liu clan. Those familiar with the Romance of Three kingdoms will recall one of the protaganists Liu Bei as one of the family. It is during this period that Confucianism became the official state consciousness. They also extended the empire to include present day Xinjiang, Korea and virtually touched Europe - laying down the early paths of the Silk Road.

Fast forward to today, and most Chinese are descendants of the Han. This makes the Han the world's single biggest ethnic group. Do the math. 95% of Chinese are Han, and there are 1.3 billion Chinese in the world today. So. Big numbers to consider.

The Significant Figure of this blog entry is - - -
95% of 1.3 billion Chinese are Hans.

I could be part of one of the world's biggest problems.


Please feel most free my friends, to contribute, add or critique the research question thus far. I was massively influenced and touched by Jet Li's Fearless, without realising the nationalistic (well, more ethnic) spur of an effect it had on me. It brought about an awakening of my Chinese-ness. And that's where my journey of pondering began. With Fearless about 3 years ago.